ISO TOP FLEXKLEBER WF is a neutral, one-component bonding adhesive with  permanent elasticity, composed of hybrid polymers. This adhesive has been specially developed for the bonding of ISO TOP WINFRAMER, a system of thermal and acoustic insulation in the form of a preformed L-profile, and an insulating core, used in support of joinery in overflow.


Application examples

  • Bonding ISO TOP WINFRAMER system without tension
  • Sealing and bonding of the compounds with each other






Carton with 12 sausages of 600ml


Benefits / features

  • good initial adhesion
  • very good adhesion on almost all surfaces (even wet)
  • residual elasticity after curing
  • non-corrosive
  • waterproof
  • compensates irregularities of the substrates
  • curing without bubbles, even at high temperatures
  • contains no silicones, solvents, halogens, acids or isocyanates
  • very well paintable according to DIN 52452 Al A1
  • resistant to bad weather and UV rays


Excellent adhesion without primer on a wide range of surfaces such as concrete hollow bricks, limestone, wood and polystyrene.

The surface must have sufficient load-bearing capacity so that the mastic can fix it. The substrate must, of course, be clean, without dust or grease. Dry surfaces provide the best adhesive results.

ISO TOP FLEXKLEBER WF adheres even on moist surfaces. The result is obviously less than with clean, dry surfaces.

Materials such as aerated concrete may need to be treated in advance with the adhesive primer ISO-PRIMER TOP BLUE. It is advisable to do a test before starting the work.

Curing from outside to inside, thanks to the humidity and temperature. At low temperature and / or low humidity, curing reaction will proceed considerably slower.

In order to glue the system is ISO-TOP WINFRAMER, two cords application of 6x6mm ISO TOP FLEXKLEBER WF. The efficiency of one tube will be as about 10 linear meters (thus sufficient for the bonding of 5 meters Iso-Top Winframer). Consumption depends on the type and roughness of the substrate.

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