DC 993



Two-component silicone sealing for structural glazing.


Application examples

  • For window systems that are shockproof, for new constructions and for applying on improved parts of existing buildings
  • Especially developed for construction, bonding with glass, metal and other building components



Base: white paste

Catalyst: viscous black paste



Base: 250kg barrels and 20 liter buckets

Catalyst: 25kg buckets



  • Constructive ability
  • Hardened product is resistant to weather conditions, UV-rays, heat and humidity
  • The lot numbers of the base and catalyst do not have to be the same

Advantages/ Properties

  • Excellent bonding on large range of substrates including coated,  enamelled and reflective glass, anodized and with polyester paint coated aluminium and stainless steel
  • Resistance to ozone
  • Meets the European standards for structural glazing developed by the EOTA
  • Excellent temperature stability from -50°C till 150°C
  • High levels of mechanical features: high module
  • Odourless and non-corrosive polymerization
  • Stable viscosity for A&B components, no heating required

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