DC 791



DOW CORNING 791 Silicone sealing is an excellent, one-component, neutrally polymerizing silicone sealing for the building industry. It extrudes easily in all weather conditions and polymerizes fast at room temperature. This results from a reaction with theair humidity and forms a durable, flexible silicone rubber sealant.


Application examples

  • Ideal for expansion, connection, contour and other moving joints
  • General glazing and sealing of curtain and other facades
  • Connection seams between floors and walls




(White, black, grey)



310 ml cartridges

600 ml foil packaging



  • Compatible with all structural sealants of Dow Corning
  • Absorbs the thermal movement of joints till maximum 50% of the original width



  • Excellent rheology, little filament formation when applying
  • Excellent bonding without primer on all kinds of constructing materials and anodised coated aluminium
  • Excellent resistance to weather conditions, ozone, UV-radiation and extreme temperatures
  • Suited for usage on coated glass, galvanized steel, copper, masonry and other porous and non-porous substrates



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