DC 3362



Two-component silicone sealant , used as secondary sealing for insulation glass.


Application examples

  • Insulation glass exposed to high UV- levels
  • Secondary sealing for double sealed insulation glass
  • Insulation glass for structural glazing
  • Insulation glass in cold climates
  • Insulation glass for residential and commercial application
  • Insulation glass with specially treated glass
  • Insulation glass for applications in conditions with important moisture and/or extreme temperatures (hot, cold)


Base: white

Catalyst: black



Base: 250 Kg barrel

Catalyst: 25 Kg can


Advantages/ Properties

  • Fast polymerizing
  • Small water absorption
  • Exceptional resistance to UV-rays and ozone
  • Excellent bonding on large range of substrates including coated and reflective glass,  aluminium or steel spacers and different types of plastic
  • Structural capacity as secondary sealing for insulation glass used in structural glazing
  • CE-marking in accordance with ETAG 002, meets sealing requirements in accordance with EN 1279 part 4 and 6 and EN13022
  • Excellent temperature stability from -50°C till 150°C
  • High levels of mechanical features: high module
  • Odourless and non-corrosive polymerization
  • Stable viscosity for A&B components, no heating required

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