A one-component special bonding and sealing agent, based on polyurethane, which polymerizes by air humidity.

Does not contain volatile, organic components.


Application examples

Especially developed for bonding and to make synthetic foils waterproof and airtight like:

  • most shelter foils
  • the most current damp screens
  • polypropylene films around joinery work
  • airtight films like CS-CLOSED-IN
  • damp open films like CS-OPEN-EX in curtain facades






600 ml foil packaging



  • Excellent bonding on most surfaces in the building sector
  • No edge zone pollution with marble and natural stone
  • Exceptional bonding in the pores of non-woven foils
  • Thixotropic (does not flow)
  • Waterproof
  • Airtight
  • Solvent-free


Application method

Surfaces have to be clean, dry and load-bearing.

Generally the CS-SYNT-FOIL BOND perfectly bonds without primer on most current constructing materials like glass, glazed surfaces, enamel, anodized aluminium, lacquered wood and diverse plastics.

Apply the sealant only on one of the two supporting surfaces: on the foil or on the carcass work. The color of the sealant can change due to UV-rays. This does not affect the quality. The viscosity is twice higher at +15°C than at +25°C.



Not suited  for aquariums, Teflon and bitumen surfaces.


Use precautions

The safety information of the product is available on request.


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