Very hard foam with a density of +/- 550 Kg / m³, composed of compressed PUR / PIR, with no laminate.


Application examples

  • support for joinery in overflow
  • insulation
  • support material
  • in shipbuilding
  • in the furniture industry


Thicknesses (with reservations)

30mm, 50mm, 70mm

Other thicknesses on request depending on volume.


Lengths (with reservations)

  • 1220 mm
  • 2440 mm



  • mechanically highly resilient
  • good resistance to compression
  • dimensionally stable
  • exceptional thermal insulation
  • easy to bond with adhesives carried by water or hot melts
  • good resistance to chemical products
  • biological and ecobiologisch
  • doesn’t rot
  • recyclable
  • easy cutting, milling, drilling, gluing



CS PURPLATE is undeformable, even in boiling water.Withstands liquid nitrogen and a large number of chemical products.

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