A mastic glue based on a one-component polyurethane which hardens by air humidity.


Application examples

To bond and make synthetic foils waterproof and airtight like:

  • most shelter foils
  • the most current damp screens
  • polypropylene foils around joinery work
  • airtight foils like CS-CLOSED-IN



600 ml foil packaging

Box content = 20 pieces



  • Excellent bonding on most surfaces in the building sector
  • Waterproof and airtight
  • Exceptional bonding in the pores of non-woven foils
  • Thixotropic (does not flow – ISO 7390)
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Excellent resistance to tearing
  • Excellent resistance to weather conditions
  • Contains isocyanates


Application method

Surfaces have to be clean, dry and load-bearing.

Generally the CS-PU-FOIL BOND perfectly bonds without primer on most current constructing materials.

You can ungrease the surfaces with a cleaner.


General safety

Prevent prolonged contact with the skin. When non polymerized material makes contact with the eyes, wash them with water and consult a doctor.

Operating precautions

The safety information of this product is available on request.


Use a hard pressing roller to press the kit onto the joinery.



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