360 HIGH TACK is a high-quality and professional construction or assembly adhesive with very high initial tack, based on hybrid technology, which cures by humidity to a permanently elastic rubber.

Application examples

  • bonding and mounting of almost all and especially heavy building materials and components on nearly all substrates, that should immediately form a solid connection, without the use of clips, stamps or fixing tape in the construction, industrial, automotive and marine
  • structural bonding in vibrating structures
  • secure bonding and mounting of mirrors
  • universal mounting and construction adhesive for profiles and panels in façade, wood and metal constructions
  • bonding and mounting of natural stone and concrete in many constructions
  • bonding and installation of various built-in elements, such as installation and assembly work

Colour and packaging: carton with 24 cartridges of 290 ml: white, black


  • extremely high initial tack
  • very high final strength and mechanical resistance
  • permanently elastic, maximum movement capacity 25%
  • non-corrosive towards metals
  • neutral, odourless, bladde- and shrink-resistant, fast curing system
  • good UV- and weather-resistance
  • perfect adhesion without primer on almost all and even wet surfaces
  • isocyanate-, solvent- and silicone-free
  • no border area pollution or staining on porous substrates such as natural stone
  • absorbs acoustic and mechanical vibrations
  • can be sanded, polished and painted over after complete curing
  • in accordance with ISO 11 600 F 25 HM

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