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220 SILICON-FR is a high-quality, professional and fire-resistant sealant based on oxime-curing silicone (neutral / acid-free system), which cures under the influence of the air humidity to a durable, permanently elastic rubber.


Application examples

  • connection and sealing of expansion joints submitted to fire-protection requirements between / along several building elements in cladding, wall, floor, ceiling and roof structures.
  • sealing in fire-resistant glazing systems
  • sealing joints adjacent to fire doors
  • sealing joints around window and door frames
  • cable and duct sealing where a high risk of fire is present
  • joint sealing in fireproof steel structures
  • connections and sealing expansion joints in concrete elements and fire-resistant materials
  • sealing in constructions in which the spread of fire, water, smoke or noxious fumes must be countered



White, gray, black, RAL 7016

Other colours and / or packaging on request.



Cardboard with 12 sausages of 600 ml


Benefits / Features

  • Fire-resistant according to international standards
  • permanently elastic
  • maximum movement 25%
  • excellent adhesion without primer on almost all porous and non-porous surfaces
  • colourfast, good UV and weather resistant
  • eutral / acid-free curing system, almost odourless
  • easily processable
  • non-corrosive towards metals
  • doesn’t contain organic solvents nore plasticizers
  • in accordance with ISO 11600 F + G25LM
  • meets 13501-2: 2007 + A1: 2009 and 1366-4: 2006 + A1-2010 (see test reports Efectis)

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