Castelein Sealants

Castelein Sealants is a fast growing company with 20 employees. The company was founded in 2008.

We offer a large range of airtight and watertight solutions for your windows, doors and curtain walls. We are also specialized in advising and selling products for glazing and structural glazing.

We convert sealing foams, pre-compressed sealing tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, mirror tapes, backing rods and membranes. Our raw materials are mostly PVC, cellular rubber, PE ,PU, acrylics, PP, compact rubber and extruded silicone.

Our own slitting department in Kapellen allows us to produce nearly every width and an extended range of thicknesses to suit your needs!  We are able to deliver tailor-made products at great speeds.

Additionally, we can provide you with the ATG, the ETA, SNJF reports, IFT or MPA reports, ,” avis technique”, acoustical/fire resistance reports and air/watertightness reports for a large range of products.